Saturday, January 12, 2013

Cookie Monster Macarons!! With a cookie dough buttercream filling.

These are probably my favorite macarons thus far. So yummy and cute! Above is a series of pictures that explain how I make macarons. :)

Top from left:

  • Boiling the sugar syrup to 250 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Finished Italian Meringue; stiff, shiny, glossy, marshmallowy
  • Tant pour tant with food coloring (almond flour/powdered sugar/egg whites)
  • Mixing the meringue with the tant pour tant
  • Finished macaronage
  • Freshly piped circles
  • Macarons that are ready to go in the oven (duller surface and not sticky)
  • Macarons baking
  • Finished macaron 
Although I love the flavor of these macarons, I think the feet are a tad bit small for some odd reason :( I looked it up online and there's no explanation. I suppose I either overmixed it or I banged it on the table too hard and knocked the air out of them. Oops. At least they're not completely hollow :)

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